Every now and then, I get notifications on my laptop that the root partition is running out of space. That's because I made a rather small root partition for Fedora to run on when I upgraded to a SSD 1 that was smaller than my older, spinning disk drive.

One of the fist places I look for wasted space is /var, because I know that yum/dnf keep caches there and systemd keeps the system log there, too.

Usually, there's a rather large log sitting in there, for some reason. Today, there was about 950MB of log sitting there. I searched around a little and found that you can edit the configuration for the system log daemon at /etc/systemd/journalctl.conf. There's a configuration option called SystemMaxUse that you can set to something small, like 16M or 100M, depending on how generous you're feeling and how much you like logs, and it should max out at that much space.

Sources: A blog post and a stackexchange post.


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