Next week I'll be heading back up to school, and the Summer of Code is now at an end. This summer was a challenge for me - dealing with a program as sophisticated as gnome shell coming mostly from a hobbiyist background was really daunting. I learned a lot, and I certainly hope to contribute more, but I wanted to take advantage of the community on and ask a few questions of the people who are infinitely more productive than I was:

1 - When do you hack? I know I tend to do my best work in evenings, but sometimes that isn't available. What conditions do you all work best under?

2 - What's your toolset? I use emacs for writing and keep a terminal (or many in terminator [thanks, RainCT!]) open. Sometimes I feel like it's really awkward switching between things.

3 - How do you best communicate? I spent a lot of time on IRC, but since I was in Germany, sometimes it was hard to overlap with the folks of RedHat who were on US working hours. It was easy to fall out of touch.

Feel free to answer any or all, if you feel like answering at all.

Also, importantly, thanks to Marina for keeping me more in line than I could have managed myself.

Finally, I'd like to thank the gnome foundation for funding my stay in the Hauge, I was really impressed with the gnome community at GUADEC.