Sarah started a masters in TESOL, recently, and we wanted to give her something to use in class that she could carry around easily that would take some basic notes and be useful for readings.  We'd had a Nexus 10 sitting around that I'd meant to use for my aborted grad school experience and it seemed like the best solution for this situation, too.

Recently, though, it stopped turning on and would only ever show us the charging symbol for a short time.  Today, I sat down and finally did some research into it and the simplest/likeliest cause seemed to be that the battery had just discharged beyond the point that the battery controller would even allow it to be charged.  I found some help in this blog post, which suggested disconnecting the battery from its controller for a short time to reset it.

I had a little trouble pulling the frame off the screen/device assembly, so the tip I would add is that the seam you're looking for is the one between the screen and its plastic bevel, not anything along the side of the device.  I spent a while looking for that.  It was pretty tough to remove it, and I think I shot myself in the foot by trying on two different sides and getting it part-way off, which probably meant I was pulling against myself on each side.  Maybe going from one side and working my way around the device would be better.

I just checked back in and I turned it on for the first time in a month or so!  Hooray!

{{< figure src="/wp-content/uploads/IMG_20161026_132405_01.jpg" caption="The little guy comes back to life!" alt="Nexus 10 boots up again, after a long slumber" >}}