Working on something that is almost entirely visual presentation, I've been trying to have screenshots every week. This week I'm excited to demo what I'm currently hacking on, which is splitting the icons out of the status bar up top and moving the non-system ones down.

Every time I try a new programming language, I have to learn how to interpret what the compiler/interpreter says when I do something wrong. Today was a lot of figuring out what I was doing wrong with signals. I'm still learning to deal with some facets of Javascript, like its complete indifference as to whether you've defined a function of variable. I've mistyped variable names a number of times, only to have functionality that depended on them not work because JS didn't care that it had never seen that variable name before. Sometimes I find it frustrating how free-form it can all be. Sometimes with the magic gir I also don't know quite how it all works.

Cool things I learned this week:

  • git-bz is awesome, helpful and makes it less likely that I post the same patch to two bugs...
  • git in general really suits my work-on-five-things-at-once (dis)organization style
  • If given a kiwi in a German cafeteria, I will proceed to make a mess
Fun things are afoot in the message tray. Now that the icons are down there, it's time to really start tying things together. Marina has also said there are design improvements in the works.