Tomorrow, my hunt begins in earnest.  I'm moving to New York City, if possible, and to complete that task, I'll need to find a job and an apartment.  Finding a job in physics seems like the sort of thing that will be impossible at the beginning and then decay exponentially in difficulty until it's quite an easy thing to do.  This is because, as far as I can tell, jobs in physics are gotten on a word-of-mouth basis.

I have yet to see a physics job advertised.  Excluding schools looking for visiting professors, that is -- something I'm wholly unqualified for at the moment.  This leaves me with little choice.  I can't find jobs online, and e-mailing professors has been an utter and complete failure (I have received exactly zero replies) so I will take things up another step and simply go and demand work.  This is my plan.

Tomorrow, I will descend upon New York City with all the confidence and self-assuredness I can muster and go door-to-door.

And now, as with many of these posts, I'm too tired to continue coming up with things to type.