I was just checking out Shuffletron, which I found by way of this awesome article about writing an assembler for NES programs in lisp.  Apparently, Suffletron is a console-based music player written in Lisp!  Well, I love things written in Lisp, so I obviously needed to try this out.  I cloned the github repo, and was happy to see a familiar Makefile sitting in the new directory, chanted the required "make" incantation, and...

sbcl --noinform --no-userinit --disable-debugger <br> --eval "(require :asdf)" <br> --eval "(load "build-sbcl.lisp")"
"initial thread" RUNNING
component :MIXALOT-FLAC not found, required by #<SYSTEM "shuffletron">

What happened first

So, apparently I'm missing this mixalotlibrary.  Oh no! I never figured out how asdf worked well enough to put all of mixalot's asd files in the right places... Something about

and er...

What should have happened first

Oh, I need this mixalot library.
(ql:quickload "mixalot")

What followed and, ultimately, failed to happen

Unfortunately, after the mixalot stage, I had a lot of trouble getting mixalot-flac, which quicklisp happily loaded in another sbcl which was in the mixalot source directory, and then refused to load through a number of different means until I
(push #p"/path/to/mixalot" asdf:central-registry)

'ed and loaded

though asdf.

Then, I needed to install libmpg123, which I didn't seem to have.

Then, I got errors about a library called "gen0.so" that the build script couldn't open. Being named gen0, I had no idea what it was. I tried the 'continue' option from sbcl, and it built, but I was afraid. Suffletron opened, asked me for my library's path, and then dropped into the debugger because of an unknown library call, I assume, to gen0.

Perhaps some day, I'll get this working.