Injection Cover

I've been doing my work on being a better nerd, lately, and I've always wanted to know a bit more about comics. I've been reading Saga for a bit (though I'm behind now) and I've been trying to find my own stride a bit by looking through the single issues and picking things out. Injection looked like it had a decent balance of things, with some sort of programmer, some sort of wizard, and a smart/crazy professor lady making immediate appearances. I also liked the repeated demands for a sandwich. I think everyone can relate to that. I've read the first two, now, and I'm excited to see where the story goes.

It seems to involve the sort of magic that isn't particularly explained, or isn't magic. We've seen portals to other worlds, but they were locked up in a research institution. Strange flashes in stone circles, leave circling around the angry maybe-wizard. So far, I like that it's been showing strange, exciting things without explaining much. In visual media, like movies and comics, I think that's a strong sign that there might be good story telling going on.