With the end of most of my classes here, it's gotten a lot easier to sit down for long stretches of time to work on coding. I forgot about the report last week, which is sad because my first commit made it into gnome-shell: "Fix missing semicolon in source title commit" I know, I'm pretty amazing.
While that was a pretty small thing, my second patch also landed during the last week, bringing icon buttons to the land of notifications. Gnome shell's notification service now advertises a 'x-gnome-icon-buttons' capability, so if you pass it actions with id's that match icons, you get a pretty icon button. This brought up the question of symbolic icons and I now have on my plate to implement a means of attempting to load them in g-s. I miss working in C, so, that will be a nice break from the rather unstructured world of javascript.

Since I'm most familiar with rhythmbox, I've been implementing things that interact with it, and along those lines I've been working on a patch for displaying background images in notifications. Part of working on that ended up being working on a patch to change how rhythmbox sends cover artwork and trying to make g-s's notification service's icon and image handling follow the notification spec more closely.

I am also still trapped in xembed hell, trying to deal with status icons, and making them play nicely in the message tray. They are resisting me quite successfully, but, well, I'll keep trying.

Last but not least, I've found a programming rhythm. I'm starting to develop habits of how many terminals I have open while coding, and my git patterns (branch, add, commit, add, commit --amend, etc). That's been pretty neat for me, since I haven't programmed this seriously before outside of crystal lattice simulations.