Hopefully, a week from now I'll get up at my Aunt and Uncle's in East Lansing, Michigan and start out to the border with Canada. Hopefully, later that day, Sarah and I will move into an apartment in Kitchener and start setting up a new life there for a few years.

Chicago has been a rough nine months. I pushed for moving here because it seemed like I was going nowhere in New York. I had gotten work at two colleges there as a lab assistant in shitty conditions with decent pay and then with great coworkers and very little pay. I was at the end of my rope and thought there was nothing more for me there, that I could never afford to live there and would be back in a parents house or living off of Sarah forever. Then I moved to Chicago, where nobody was interested in hiring me for anything more than one tutoring gig that lasted about two months.

Financially, it would seem, I moved to Chicago to burn money.

Luckily, though, there were a number of upsides. I got to meet a lot of nice people mostly Northwestern students but a bunch of great people from Roger's Park community organizations like Food not Bombs, who are doing awesome things in kitchens and gardens and on the streets!

It's given me some hope that I can still make new friends and try new things, and I'm hoping to bring those feelings with me to Kitchener and my new job and my new school.

Here's hoping I see everyone again soon.