A friend sent me a link today to something I took part in and had nearly forgotten about.  Nearly two years ago, my undergraduate adviser Kiko Galvez invited me back to Colgate because he had two people from Scientific American coming to make a short film about quantum entanglement, which we studied in the lab there.  They finally published that video today on their website.

I'm in the video only when they come to Colgate, where they shot Kiko and I shaking their hands and saying hello.  I'm nowhere near the educator and scientist that Kiko is yet, so I didn't manage to say anything as clearly as he did, and I seem to have ended up on the editing room floor, as they say.  Despite that, it's my experimental setup that I built and debugged that gets showed off, although it's set up with a nicer laser than I got to use.

If you're interested in entanglement and quantum physics, give it a watch.  Kiko's great at explaining things, and does a wonderful job in the video!