Andy Wingo from Igalia has started writing about the company and their cooperatively run organization on his blog.  It's interesting both because of the exciting way they organize and run themselves, but also in the language Andy chose to use to talk about them.

Nobody likes to talk about Anarchism these days, and people who use its lexicon are usually buried in the media, as the recent Occupy movement was.  It's an immediate red-flag, and I know I intentionally avoid using words like "revolution" and even calling Anarchism by its name because I think people will just shut off and stop listening to me if I say them.  I find this sad, and I'm sadder still that I self-censor in this way, because there are important things to say, that I care dearly about, which use these words.

What I mean to say is that I really appreciate both the content of Andy's posts and how he chose to write them.  it makes me feel a little braver, a little more comfortable with something that is part of who I am and what I believe, and safer bringing it up in public.

You can find the introduction here and the first part here.

And for something fun and related, here's some Chumbawamba!