It's been a wild year and I really haven't had much time to sit down an reflect on a lot of it. Last November, I started working at Meetup, which I was really excited about as a long time on-again-off-again user of their product. This November, I got laid off as part of the wework downsizing.

I also had a kid at the end of September, which is really exciting and also a tremendous amount of tedious, repetitive work!

Recently, I've been working a lot on sanity-clause, which I hope is useful for lots of tasks like validating parameters for web servers and validating openapi schemas for another library I want to build, which would do api client generation from an openapi spec.

It's been tough trying to work on these things while taking care of a young baby, I need to try to find things that chop time up into smaller blocks and can be interrupted more easily. I'm still plugging away at accordion, which is becoming more rewarding as I learn some more practice routines and start to feel a little more able of just chugging through a tune or three. I'm still not very good at spending time to polish things, but I'm working on it, and having some technical exercises has been helpful. these scale exercises have been a nice assignment to myself, and I'm slowly working through them so I can play them from memory at the start of a practice session.