I managed to contribute something to an open source project!

It's been a little while, but I've been trying to use podman-compose to replace my docker-compose workflow. Fedora linux now ships with a new cgroups implementation that doesn't work with docker anymore. I'd rather use a more open-source version anyway, but there are some ergonomic differences that make it harder for my use case.

Primarily, there are clever docker images that expect access to the docker socket to do things like automatically registering hostnames for containers. I use jwilder/nginx-proxy. Podman compose is built around not having root access to the docker daemon (there is no root daemon unless you run things as root). While that's great for security, it means the podman system is less centralized on your computer. It seems like they're working on implementing an equivalent. I need to check in on if it works for me, soon.