When I graduated recently, I got a nook color as a present from a thoughtful family member who saw an article about rooting them in the paper and realized that was something I would probably enjoy. While I do very much enjoy the rooted nook, I the actual rooting process has been a bit of a pain for me. A few days ago, my nook started boot-looping, and I was forced to reset and re-root it yet again.

Instructions for rooting the nook with the 1.2 version of its software can be found here.

When flashing the clockwork recovery to an sd card, I need to use my phone as a card reader. This is annoying because it works best with my phone in recovery mode, and therefore takes my phoneout of comission  while I'm flashing the disk image. The other annoying thing is that I've found I need to flash the image to the raw device with dd, which goes slower than flashing to a partition. I assume this is to get some boot flag on the base partition. This means I flash the image with

dd if=1gb_clockwork.img of=/dev/sdb

Instead of
dd if=... of=/dev/sdb1

Once you get it working, though, it's a great deal. I'm typing this in the wordpress app for android, and I can watch netflix (which I can't yet do on my desktop because the onlylinux support they have is for android).