Back in America and classes are starting again. While I've definitely learned to better manage time and get things done, running two clubs effectively and gettting school work done will be a challenge. I've already been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get clubs up - hopefully more people will step up to the plate soon so more can get done without my direct supervision.

TGA - Started up nicely, lots of new, enthusiastic freshmen - capture the lighthouse went quite well.

BSA - No students, but the new rabbi is interested and one polisci professor is quite into it and has a really neat meditation timer.

Physics Club - Working on organizing talks/lunches. Need to plan events with fire and nitrogen and shotting things out of other things...

Classes - Will computational mechanics be cool or hideously boring? Signs are pointing to boring. Geography of SE Asia may be interesting, but nobody seems to have said anything concrete yet.. Thermo should be new and interesting and research will be something about coherence of photons and storing images on them.