I was watching an interview with John K Samson where he talks about John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats, who told him his thoughts about writer's block, which are as follows: Writer's block is a bourgeois luxury. There's no such thing as steel-worker's block, or seven-eleven-employee's block - so get back to work!

I found that a rather interesting way of thinking about it, and perhaps an important one, too. Sometimes, it seems, if you want to get something done, you just need to keep beating away at it, despite it resisting. Writing seems like such a luxury item itself sometimes, with all of the narcissism it necessarily entails (i.e. the assumption that you writing anything is a worthwhile effort for anyone's benefit). That said, I think I believe in these sorts of luxuries - writing, music, storytelling, et al. I believe in them because I don't believe in a priori purpose, and because being able to communicate with each other seems a remarkable achievement to me, and a celebration of this thing we call life.